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Learn how to stand
in your power.

Life and career coaching

Personal power is not about having control over others- although it's often portrayed this way in society. Real power comes from knowing yourself. Life is a journey of self-awareness, and when we can really see what's true for us, we can begin to eliminate our fears and stand in our power- feeling the freedom that comes from choosing the life we want to live. 

How can life & career coaching help you?

Often, the first step to gaining the confidence to stand in your power, is identifying those negative thought patterns which have hindered you – or are in danger of holding you back. Once we can fully see them for what they are, their influence over you will be weakened, creating space for new, positive thinking.

life and career coaching

Through my coaching approach, we will journey together through a process of trust and vulnerability on both our parts, examining your career and life path so far, and identifying where we need to focus to help you achieve your goals and build a positive mindset about yourself. With a healthier perception of self, you’ll feel empowered to take ownership of your goals, and learn how to confidently create the future you want.

“Vic Proud provided me with first class coaching support over a period of 6 sessions.  Central to this process was the development of techniques for managing situations which I find difficult.  I adopted these techniques and I continue to use them in my day-to-day work as an Exec Director of an SME. I am very glad that I used her services”.

Chief Operations Officer, Healthcare SME

“Vic was absolutely brilliant at helping me face my fears and see for the first time who I really was and where I wanted to go in my career. After several years out of the workplace after I had my children, I was struck with serious anxiety about whether or not I was good enough to get the job I wanted. I felt fully supported by Vic and her personal story resonated a lot with my own, I would highly recommend her as a coach!".


Head of Customer, UK Bank

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