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A compelling purpose and authentic values are the absolute bedrock of an outstanding culture.  

Your purpose is your reason why. It’s the driving force behind your business and ultimately determines why people will choose to work with you. Your values are the behaviours that underpin your purpose- they are ingrained principles that guide all business actions.

Purpose without values is like a destination with no path.

Values attract the right people to your business, create a shared sense of belonging, help you stand out amongst competitors, and, help you to achieve business goals through total clarity on behavioural expectations.

When your purpose and values are aligned, clear, and properly embedded in your ways of working, employees know what’s expected of them and feel supported to perform to their best, clients are delighted by the service they receive, and the business thrives.

"Proud Consulting supported the development of our behaviours framework and statements, providing insightful guidance to and critical evaluation of our project’s work. Vic’s experience, expertise and passion in this field were invaluable in ensuring that we produced a set of behaviours statements which addressed the culture of our organisation and in developing a programme to embed the behaviours into the fabric of our Charity. I would strongly recommend Proud Consulting. "

- Michael Knight, Chief People Officer

Action for Children

Our team are experts at bringing the right group together from your business in a co-creative environment where we can identify the purpose and values that are true to your business vision, and the attributes that are most important to you.

We’ll get to know you and your team, asking the right questions, challenging you, and facilitating an open dialogue amongst your team and your leaders to find the language that truly expresses who you are as a business.

Purpose and values need to be much more that statements. We’ll help to make sure your values are understood and embedded within your organisation so that everyone commits to upholding them and they become your true north.

What to expect- example activities & deliverables:

Facilitated team workshops

Purpose statement

Business values with complete behavioural descriptions

Values launch campaign & training

Implementation plan & execution to embed your values

Updated HR documentation to reflect the values

Project management & planning throughout

Stakeholder management

Ongoing advice and support

Next steps:

Book a chat with our CEO, Vic Proud, so that we can find out more about you and the type of support you need 

Check out our FAQs for more useful information

Still not sure if consulting support is right for you?
Culture Pal could be a better option...

culture change consulting

Culture Pal is a sister brand of Proud Consulting created to help our clients tackle culture themselves using our expert playbooks, resources and online culture assessment tool.


Culture Pal gives you everything you need to define your business values yourself, launch and embed them. Check out Culture Pal here:

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