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Leadership behaviours are perhaps the most crucial influencing factor in relation to the health of your culture. Leaders set the direction and tone of the business, they represent your purpose and promote your beliefs- whether they realise this or not! Helping leaders to understand the influence they have, and supporting them to do good with it, is a must-do for any business.  

Your leaders are YOUR leaders- they are a product of your culture as well as a creator of it, and whilst we have a ton of experience working with leaders, we never assume a one size fits all when helping them to change behaviour. We want to get to know the leaders in your business, the pressures they face, the fears they disguise, and the things that really drive them to demonstrate commitment to the business vision.

This authentic approach is the difference between applying a generic leadership development model, versus treating every group of leaders as unique and individual, allowing us to create an experience for them that resonates.

"Working with Proud Consulting, we have been looking at how well we lead our organisation. The experience has been great and the outputs valuable, as Victoria and team provided a great forum for us to be really honest about where we are, the feedback we have for each other and what our functional strategies should be. We are working hard in our journey to business excellence and Proud Consulting will continue to be an important element in our mix."

- Steven Pink, CEO

Seldoc Healthcare

Our work with leaders has one core principle at its heart: self-awareness. Being self-aware is the key to any type of personal development. When a leader can fully appreciate what they are like to work with, they can begin to see how they impact others.

We’re good at holding up the mirror… in a kind way! We know how to balance constructive feedback with encouragement and support, and our CEO, Vic proud, often goes on to coach many of the leaders she works with having built an effective and trusted relationship with them.

When it comes to culture, we’ll help you empower your leaders to be true guardians of the behavioural and performance standards your business needs. Leadership then becomes a pleasure for the individual, as well as a competitive advantage for the organisation.

What to expect- example activities & deliverables:

A confidential 360 leadership assessment

Leadership interviews and workshops

A leadership behaviours framework

Team building & development sessions

1-2-1 leadership coaching

Project management & planning throughout

Stakeholder management

Ongoing advice and support

Next steps:

Have a look at the coaching support Vic can provide for your leaders

Book a chat with our CEO, Vic Proud, so that we can find out more about you and the type of support you need 

Check out our FAQs for more useful information

Still not sure if consulting support is right for you?

Culture Pal could be a better option...

culture change consulting and assessment

Culture Pal is a sister brand of Proud Consulting created to help our clients tackle culture themselves using our expert playbooks, resources and online culture assessment tool.


Culture Pal gives you everything you need to create and implement your own leadership development initiative in line with your cultural ambitions. The easy to follow, step-by-step guidance provides you with a detailed approach to adapt to your own needs. Check out Culture Pal here:

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