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Change management is an essential skill for any business.

All businesses have experienced change- for some it’s been relentless and very challenging! Managing change and supporting employees through it in order to achieve desired business outcomes, has fast become a crucial business capability, with many organisations now dedicating resources entirely to supporting the organisation through times of change.

Being able to respond and adapt to change is no longer a nice to have- it’s an imperative! When your business becomes more adaptable and accepting of change, you become better at grabbing opportunities, retaining talent, and reducing costs.

And the good news is change management is a well defined discipline which any professional can learn. Getting the basics of change management right will make a huge difference to business performance, since it helps you secure commitment to and adoption of new ways of working quickly and efficiently.

"Proud Consulting helped us at a time when we were experiencing rapid growth and our HR capability required strategic support in order to enable us to retain and attract the talent we needed . We found them to be true professionals in both the quality of their work as well as the way they developed trust with our Executive. I would highly recommend Victoria and team to any SME on their growth journey. "

- Charles Isaac, Chairman


When it comes to managing business change, we can certainly say we're seasoned veterans! Our CEO, Vic Proud, has been the Change Lead across numerous complex transformation programmes, and knows what works and how to avoid the common pitfalls.

Our change management training and resources platform, Change Proud, is a comprehensive programme of learning designed to help your teams become capable and confident in managing change.


The resources and learning provided through Change Proud have been designed to make change easy for you- based on the things our clients ask for help with the most! Check out Change Proud here:

Change Proud gives you access to:

Comprehensive training covering all aspects of the change management discipline

Practical resources that make managing change easy

Explainer videos for each learning module delivered by our CEO Vic Proud

Editable templates

A certificate of completion

Life time access to all learning content and resources

If you’re looking for more personalised advice or support, such as helping you set-up, design or deliver your change programme, or helping you tackle a specific aspect of a business change initiative you’re currently in the midst of, we’re here to bring you the hands-on support you need.


We’re highly experienced change specialists, and we know how to shape your change programme so that you can reach your business goals.

Next steps:

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Take our Ready For Change survey for personalised advice 

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