Managing People and Performance

We love finding solutions to your people challenges 

Our vision

Our vision is to see your business flourish, by connecting your purpose to the people that work to make it a reality.

People strategy


Your people are your greatest asset. Make this true for them every day by creating a real connection between personal contribution and your business purpose.

People strategy


Every business has a purpose. Be true to yours without compromising it’s worth. Today’s world needs purpose now more than ever. Businesses which show they live by theirs, will outlast those who don’t.

Managing people and performance


When people and purpose connect, performance follows. Managing people and performance requires a true understanding of the differentiators which work for your business.

Our process

We've spent the last 20+ years working with clients of all sizes, from all sectors, supporting their leaders with every type of people challenge you can think of! Our experience has helped us perfect a process that takes our clients on a journey from define to deliver.  

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If you want to make changes you need to start by DEFINING the end goal: what does the future look like for your business? What do you need from your employees? We'll help you bring your vision to life by articulating the behaviours that will underpin the right business culture for you.

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Where are you now? We'll help you DISCOVER the existing blockers and opportunities that will enable you to achieve the vision you've set out. Once you fully understand the present, the path to the future can be accelerated, providing real business value straight away.

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Make it happen! DELIVERING any type of change that has an impact on people can be tricky. But not if you know how to create the right environment for commitment from employees. We're experts in facilitating real and lasting behaviour change. 

Your partner from the start

We want to become your long-term partner. This is why we work in true collaboration with you, really getting to know your business purpose, your culture and your people. We provide the objective view, specialist skills and additional pair of hands that you need and can trust. 

What makes us unique?

We listen to your challenges and aspirations 

We never make assumptions. We give you our time and attention to make sure we fully understand your business, where you're heading, and what your challenges and aspirations are. Your goals become our mission from the start. 

We help you identify what you need

Sometimes it can be difficult to identify precisely what it is that you'd like support with, let alone what solution might be needed. We'll help you think through your business needs, and provide you with options that suit your organisation, giving you the clarity and confidence to make the right decisions. 

We want to help your team learn and develop

Our work often involves collaborating with HR to adapt or build on existing HR solutions, and we're adept at making others feel involved and valued. We know how important your team is to you, and we pride ourselves on supporting and coaching others whilst providing you with the tools and knowledge to continue growing and developing as a team.  

We're in it with you for the long-term

We want you to be thrilled with the results we know we can create for you, and we work tirelessly to make sure this is the case. Embedding solutions that relate to employee performance or behaviour often creates challenges- we know because we've been doing it for years! In recognition of this we won't disappear once our work is complete- we're always at the end of the phone.

HR solutions
HR solutions

Victoria Proud,
Founder & Director

Associates & partners

We work with a pool of fantastic associates who support us with client delivery, ranging from leadership development experts to behavioural psychologists. We pride ourselves on the diversity of the people we collaborate with and the young talent we've supported and developed through our associate network. 

Some of the partners we team up with: 

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Zoom Creates:
Learning, development & transformation specialists

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Nia is a Business Psychologist, specialising in culture change consulting, leadership development, and employee wellbeing. She brings excellent insight and experience, including her own academic research into performance-oriented cultures.


Nia leads client delivery and manages our associate network. 

Nia Kaleycheva,
Client Delivery Lead

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Work wellbeing and health experts

Our team

As a Chartered Occupational Psychologist with 20 years management consulting experience, Victoria brings a wealth of knowledge, and practical know-how to help businesses thrive through their people. 

Victoria supports business leaders on both a professional and personal level, with a genuine passion for helping them bring more of themselves into their pursuits. 

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Doing our bit for our beautiful planet

Like most of us, we're saddened to see the destructive impact that we humans are having on the delicate natural equilibrium of our planet, and we're committed to doing our bit to help preserve our beautiful home and all the creatures in it.

Through our contributions to the REDD+ Brazil Nut Concessions project, as of August 2021, we have contributed to the protection of 5,966m2 of rainforest conservation in the Amazon and removed 4.17t of CO2 through carbon offsetting.

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