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Do I need a life and career coach?

For some, the idea of having support to help you attain the next level of your career is a new concept. So what can working with someone like me help you achieve?

Life and career coaching

If you have a particular professional or personal goal in mind, but aren’t sure of the steps needed to achieve them, you might be someone who would benefit from my support.

At various stages of life, it’s important to reassess the direction of your life, or career. But some people can really struggle with not just knowing what they want, but also how to reach their goals. This can be especially challenging if you’ve recently taken a career break, or been made redundant.

So, I want to reassure you: You’re not alone. I’m a firm believer we all have a unique place on this earth to inhabit, and with the right guidance, you can learn to stand in your power and live the life you want.

What does a Life & Career Coach do?

Part of my role will be to support you to understand your achievements, to date, and the impact you have on others. As we journey together, I’ll help you discover a new level of self-awareness so you can fully recognise who you are and build a positive mindset about yourself.

Often, the first step for gaining the confidence to stand in your power, is by identifying those negative thought patterns which have hindered you – or are in danger of holding you back. So, with openness and trust, we’ll delve into your career, and life, in order to understand where we need to focus, and to diminish the power of negativity over your future.

With a healthier perception of self, you’ll feel empowered to take ownership of your goals, and learn how to confidently create the future you want.

Could you benefit from working with a Life & Career Coach?

Pause for moment, and reflect on you: Does the idea of making a significant professional or personal change in your life provoke a sense of anxiety, fear of failure, apprehension, as well as excitement about what you could be doing? If so, then you could benefit from fully exploring these feelings with me and uncovering how they impact your decisions.

If fear, anxiety or self-doubt has held you back, I can help you to move on from being trapped in cycles of negative thinking, allowing you to embrace a new outlook on what’s possible for you.

A key aspect of this will be helping you identify what you want, by giving you strategies to help you connect with who you truly are and what you’re capable of.

If you know it’s time for you to stand in your power, contact me to take the next step now with the support you deserve….I’d love to hear from you!



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