Proud Pages Issue 3: The Power of Culture- Building a High-Performing Leadership Team

Welcome to the third edition of Proud Pages, where we aim to provide you with the latest trends and insights into everything people-related to help your business thrive.

Leadership Development and high performing teams
High-performing cultures

Do you need more from your team to deliver on your future strategy?

This was the case for our client - a primary healthcare provider, facing unprecedented growth during the COVID-19 pandemic. The business delivered outstanding performance during this time, but more was required to sustain high performance for the long-term, with an increased focus on delivering the future business strategy. Our client had clear and ambitious goals for the future, which called for investment in the leadership team to ensure the business vision could be realised. The project aim was to develop the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) in order to:

  1. Increase individual performance outcomes

  2. Improve the overall team dynamics

  3. Drive greater ownership and accountability

It was clear from the outset that a cultural assessment was needed to examine ways of working across the business, including all the elements that might be supporting or hindering high-performance - not just the capabilities across individual team members. In order to achieve this, we took a holistic approach, examining the strengths and development areas across the breadth of our client's business model, using WayFinder, our culture change and assessment methodology.

How we increase business performance using WayFinder:

Leadership Development and high performing teams

WayFinder is Proud Consulting’s culture change and assessment methodology. Using WayFinder, we examine 12 attributes, which collectively cover the essential building blocks of culture. This allows us to identify where focus should be directed in order to develop the cultural areas of the greatest strategic importance, as well as drive increased employee engagement and performance.

What benefits did we achieve for our client?

Based on the WayFinder results, we produced a comprehensive cultural findings report, outlining recommendations and next steps to achieving a high-performance culture. We took immediate action against several of the key recommendations coming out of the assessment via a series of developmental sessions, including:

  1. Understanding and exploring individual working styles and the characteristics of high-performing teams

  2. Fine-tuning departmental strategies and facilitating strategic alignment discussions to clarify roles, responsibilities, and interdependencies across the team

  3. Bringing our client’s values to life, articulating behavioural expectations and agreeing how these can be embedded across the business

The core outcomes for the client were:

  • Fully aligned departmental strategies with greater understanding of the interdependencies across the team

  • Refreshed business values with a supporting leadership behaviours framework fully embedded into core HR processes

  • Significant increase in ownership, collaboration and commitment amongst the Executive Leadership Team

  • A noticeable ‘step-up’ in positive leadership role modelling across the team

Ultimately, we were able to assist our client to co-create the ways of working and culture they desired, as well as deliver results in an efficient and timely manner, which allows for greater attention and focus to be placed on the development of future functional strategies aligned with overall business vision and mission.

Curious to find out more about our WayFinder approach? Download our WayFinder guide HERE.