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HR solutions

HR has a lot on its plate!

Are you keeping up?

Many HR leaders are stretched too thin, trying to cover numerous areas at once to provide the business and employees with the right level of support. Time is usually eaten up by the day-to-day running of things, with little space left for the 'strategic piece'- the things that really make a difference to performance!


We can help you with the thinking and design of long-term HR solutions to take performance to the next level for your business- without the usual management consultancy price tag!

You need an end-to-end people strategy that fully supports the long-term goals of the business

Too often an organisation's people strategy is based on assumptions, without HR and business leaders spending enough time connecting the dots between where the business is heading, and what the implications are from an HR perspective.  

HR solutions

Download our HR leaders guide for creating a people strategy which fully supports your business goals. 

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An effective people strategy will help you prioritise your HR activities and resources to bring real impact to the business. The key steps you need to take are:

Determine your business's strategic objectives
  • Where is the business heading in the next 2-5 years? What disruptors do you anticipate? Translate your strategic priorities into clear requirements for your people strategy in order to determine exactly what HR needs to deliver to enable the desired business results.

Identify the short & long-term priorities
  • Work through the critical priorities and challenges with business leaders. Such as: what is most important for the business in the short and long-term? Where do we need to focus attention now in terms of our people?

Understand the needs of employees
  • Don't assume HR metrics provide the whole picture. Talk to your people to validate and challenge assumptions. What's going on for them on the ground? What's most important to them right now? This should then further inform your prioritisation of the activity within your people strategy.

Prioritise & set expectations
  • Take all the information from the previous 3 steps and build out a plan or roadmap for your people strategy. Share this with the business, along with the rationale for decisions that have been taken. This will help you set expectations and can support any resource requests you may have.

What our clients say...

Global Investment plc

Suzanne Lamont

Global Head of Talent

Victoria navigated a team of senior HR leaders through what could have been a very challenging Strategic Talent Review & Re-structure in a way that show cased her talents. Where other consultants fail to bond with their clients in these situations, she brought empathy and candour, creating trust and engagement. Her smart thinking, flexibility and creative insights set the team on a new path. I hold Vic in high regard and recommend her without reserve.


Michael Knight

Chief People Officer

Vic contributed to the development of our Behaviours framework and statements, providing insightful guidance to and critical evaluation of our project’s work. Vic’s experience, expertise and passion in this field were invaluable in ensuring that we produced a set of Behaviours statements which addressed the culture of our organisation and in developing a programme to embed the behaviours into the fabric of our Charity. I would strongly recommend Vic Proud.

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