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When you can say that you attract, recruit, on-board, develop, manage, and retain people in a way that truly reflects what your business needs, you will find performance skyrocketing! 


Managing people and performance, whilst keep employees happy and motivated comes from providing them with an authentic and consistent employee experience, which is entirely connected to the vision and strategy of your business. Without this end-to-end experience, employees can be left feeling undervalued and underwhelmed in their roles, which impacts day-to-day performance and financial return. 


Is your people strategy fully aligned with your business needs? 

Building a people strategy that fully supports the business

Most businesses create a vision and strategy for the company, and then fail to apply the same type of forward-thinking to managing people and performance, or their talent management strategy- even though people are the greatest asset of any business. This is about both how employees will deliver what the business requires, AND the experience the business will provide for its people.  

People Strategy
people strategy

How will we attract the right type of people to join our business?

people strategy

How should we manage and drive our people's performance?

people strategy

What type of learning & development opportunities should we provide?

people strategy

How can we reward and recognise our top talent?

Your people strategy needs to cover every aspect of the employee lifecycle, from both the perspective of the business's and the employee's needs

The traditional employee lifecycle has matured and expanded over the years to include several components which reflect the new era of enterprise we now find ourselves in, for example: diversity & inclusion; flexible working; and employee engagement and wellbeing. Your people strategy should include something that speaks to all these elements, but ultimately it should represent what your business values and needs in order to thrive.

As well as designing your end-to end people strategy for you, we also specialise in several key areas included within it...

talent management strategy

Talent Management Strategy

Understanding exactly what skills and capabilities your business requires isn't always as straightforward as it sounds. Talent management is the process through which you actively acquire, develop and retain the skills and talent your business needs. 

This can encompass: your recruitment strategy; how you on-board people; how you identify and develop top talent; and how you actively retain critical roles and skills. 

managing people and performance

High Impact Performance Management

High-impact performance management moves away from an annual 'tick-box' process, and towards a transformative experience. It favours game-changing feedback conversations over the completion of forms, regular progress check-ins, over yearly reviews, and a genuine desire to support employees with professional and personal goals

At it's heart, high-impact performance management is a core driver of culture and the behavioural expectations a business wishes to uphold. 

people strategy

Career Development

A job isn't a job for life now, and a career can come in many different shapes and sizes- there are no norms! Employees expect a career experience from their employers, no matter how long they are in a role for, and the most successful businesses pride themselves on putting their people first and providing unique career growth opportunities. 

To stand a chance in the war for talent you need to ensure your people know they get more than just a job when working for you!  

What about Organisation Design?

The shape and size of the workforce is being dramatically altered in response to technology and innovations, such as automation, Artificial Intelligence, and the growing use of the contingent worker. Re-thinking how teams are structured beyond the traditional hierarchical spans and layers is becoming commonplace, and may be just want you need for optimal delivery.

At Proud Consulting, we can assist you with all aspects of your organisational design objectives, and would advise considering whether the current shape and size of your workforce needs adjusting as part of your end-to-end people strategy design process. 

organisation development

What our clients say...

Malcolm MacKenzie


Hello flexibles.png

Ways of working changed in 2020- I wanted to ensure my team and my business were supported as we adapted to this new world. Proud Consulting helped me rethink the people strategy for my growing business. By assessing what is important to the business and everyone in it we were able to see clearly what we had to do to manage process and ways of working to ensure everyone is aligned and on the journey together. 

Charles Isaac



Proud Consulting helped us at a time when we were experiencing rapid growth and our HR capability required strategic support in order to enable us to retain and attract the talent we needed . We found them to be true professionals in both the quality of their work as well as the way they developed trust with our Executive. I would highly recommend Victoria and team to any SME on their growth journey. 

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