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Seldoc Healthcare.

Seldoc Healthcare have been providing round the clock primary health care services to the population of South London for 25 years. 

Seldoc were looking for help with...

Driving a high performance culture where leaders took more accountability for delivery of outcomes and for upholding an outstanding business culture.


So we...

Started with a culture assessment to help the CEO and leadership team get a complete and objective view of the existing culture of the business. The culture assessment results were shared with the entire leadership team in facilitated workshops, where everyone could speak freely about what the key challenges were. Based on the survey results and input from the leadership team, we began a values refresh exercise, working closely with the team to articulate a new set of behavioural standards for the business- both for employees and leaders. From here we delivered a programme of activity to embed the new values and behaviours, including dedicated leadership development sessions, realigned HR processes, and a 360 assessment.

Together we achieved:

  • A new, more compelling set of values and behaviours for Seldoc which better reflected the future direction of the business

  • A new and improved approach to performance management which better enabled the CEO to manage and drive performance across the business

  • A significant improvement in accountability, engagement and ownership across the leadership team

  • Better alignment across the team with regards to the business vision and strategy

  • A clear path forward for ongoing activity to drive and build culture across the business such as a new approach to recognition for employees


Key deliverables:

  • Culture assessment findings report and facilitated walkthrough sessions

  • A forward plan for improving culture

  • New values and behaviours- both for employees and leaders

  • A 360 feedback exercise for the leadership team with personal feedback reports and development actions

  • Leadership development team workshops

  • A new performance management approach with detailed guidance + employee training


"Working with Proud Consulting, we have been looking at how well we lead our organisation. The experience has been great and the outputs valuable, as Victoria and team provided a great forum for us to be really honest about where we are, the feedback we have for each other and what our functional strategies should be. We are working hard in our journey to business excellence and Proud Consulting will continue to be an important element in our mix."

- Steven Pink, CEO
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