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Take our 5 minute
Ready For Change survey.

Take our 5 minute survey for insights into where you need to focus for successful change management.

Rate your business for each statement, complete your details and send it to us. We'll send you personalised advice on the areas you need to focus on in order to confidently manage and deliver business change successfully…

Please indicate the extent to which you agree with the following statements with regards to your change initiative:
1. Leaders have shared an inspiring vision for the future of the business.
2. Leaders demonstrate commitment to the need for change in the business.
3. There is a clear and executable plan for implementing change.
4. The impacts of the changes are fully understood.
5. Information is communicated effectively to the right stakeholders across the business.
6. Managers are equipped to support employees with the changes.
7. Employees are engaged and open to the changes.
8. Employees have the right knowledge and skills to do what is expected of them.
9. The change initiative is properly resourced in terms of both time commitment and skills.
10. Progress on the change initiative is being effectively tracked and evaluated.

Please send me my results:

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