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Raymond Saul.

Raymond Saul are a boutique, London-based law firm offering legal representation to individuals and organisations.

Raymond Saul were looking for help with...

Improving their recruitment and performance management processes to hire and develop talent that aligns with their ethos and culture.


So we...

Worked closely with the CEO to help him articulate what the future culture of the business needed to be and how this translated into clear competencies and skills for employees. A key aspect of this was identifying the words which felt completely authentic to the needs of the Firm and the vision the CEO had for the future. This output was then transferred into a refreshed recruitment strategy, a well-defined employee value proposition, and an improved performance management process. During this project we also spent time with employees, gathering their views of the current culture and playing these back into the new plans for improvement, which was critical to ensuring employees were retained and engaged throughout the work.

Together we achieved:

  • A new understanding of behavioural expectations across the business 

  • A defined employee value proposition- making attracting new candidates far more effective and efficient

  • A refreshed recruitment process based on the new behaviours which improved the Firm’s ability to select candidates with the right cultural-fit for the business

  • An improved performance management process, providing more clarity on performance expectations and making the process far more efficient to run


Key deliverables:

  • New behavioural competencies

  • A clear employee value proposition and updated careers pages on the main website

  • An improved recruitment process including new interview questions and selection criteria

  • An improved performance management process including new forms and performance evaluation criteria


"Proud Consulting supported us at at a time when we were looking to ensure we recruited the right calibre of people into our organisation to fully enable our growth aspirations. Their advice and support were incredibly helpful, and I feel we are now much clearer about the cultural ethos we want to uphold across the firm, as well as the talent we want to attract and retain. I would highly recommend Proud Consulting to any business who recognise people as a critical asset "

- Feyi Fakoya, Managing Partner
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