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Culture has fast become a high priority for all successful organisations. 

Corporate culture and conduct remain high on the agenda of regulators around the world, with financial institutions under constant scrutiny to demonstrate greater accountability and control. In addition, shareholders, employees and the customer are also becoming more demanding of companies when it comes to managing culture proactively and transparently. But what is the link between culture, conduct, and business success, and how can we make it more tangible, measurable and beneficial for your business? We can support you with all manner of culture-related obligations and objectives, whilst building greater understanding of and commitment to culture across the organisation.

Critical Success Factors 

We have identified four critical success factors for effectively managing culture: 

Create a common language for culture
  • Create a common language and framework to articulate culture for your organisation, making it meaningful and accessible for all business areas and functions

  • Through this common understanding, you can effectively explore what culture is, why it matters for your business and how it is collectively ‘owned’​

Understand your culture & conduct risk relationship
  • Build a breadth of understanding of all factors that create and impact your culture and the interrelationships between them, allowing attention to go where it's most needed

  • Identify the critical connection points in relation to conduct risk and key controls, building alignment amongst senior management around implications and accountabilities to inform governance and reporting

​Establish a culture & conduct governance model
  • Everyone in the organisation is ultimately responsible for culture, but structure is required to establish accountabilities- both for conduct risk assessment purposes and general cultural growth objectives  


  • Establish effective governance and management of culture right through the organisation from both a top-down and bottom-up perspective ​

Implement effective assessment & reporting practices
  • Develop an assessment and reporting cycle for ongoing monitoring and management of culture and conduct using quantitative and qualitative metrics

  • Support individual business areas with translating outcomes and actions for their teams, promoting ongoing cultural growth

The pressure to truly evidence understanding and management of culture, is mounting.  We understand how much is at stake and can help you to get the peace of mind you need.



To help you, we have created an effective and easy-to-use methodology for assessing culture: WayFinder. We'll work alongside you to assess your current culture using language all your employees will understand, and an approach they can trust. Our method will assist you with meeting your culture obligations and objectives, as well as creating a real platform for cultural growth in support of your long-term strategic goals. 


The benefits of using WayFinder:

A robust and repeatable assessment of culture providing a holistic view of how people work without forcing you into a cultural type

Alignment with the Financial Conduct Authority’s four drivers of culture: 1) Purpose 2) Leadership 3) Reward & Managing People and 4) Governance

Improved understanding of culture, enabling everyone to recognise the role they play in shaping and managing it

Identification of where precision should be placed in order to bring about cultural change and direct attention to where it's needed

Quantitative and qualitative metrics, supporting you with ongoing monitoring and regular reporting on culture

Watch our short video to understand how WayFinder works...

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