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Culture Change


Does your culture fully enable your
business objectives?

In order to answer this question, you need to have a full and clear picture of your company culture, as well as how this is being communicated to your employees- this is when they begin to thrive, and you start to out-perform your competitors!

We know that culture is a true differentiator; it accounts for up to 50% of your business performance and is inextricably linked with all elements required for business success.

This is why we've developed a tool designed to help you manage and change culture in order to deliver your business objectives.

WayFinder Transforming Culture

and its benefit to you


With WayFinder, you can manage and change your culture in accordance with the goals of your business. This is achieved by assessing the entire ecosystem of your ways of working to identify what you need to protect, as well as develop, in order to deliver business objectives.

WayFinder - Culture Change Consulting

What is the business value for my organisation?

  • In-depth understanding of strengths and development areas in relation to your culture

  • Real transparency as to where the opportunities and enablers are in order to accelerate culture change

  • Ability to discern where focus should be directed in order to develop your culture in areas that of most strategic importance to your business

  • A radically different way to approach culture change, resulting in far less resistance from employees and much greater engagement in taking the business forward

  • A robust framework for ongoing assessment and management of culture that satisfies regulatory requirements

Watch our short video to understand how WayFinder works...

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Our WayFinder packages


Making it easier to identify what you need for your business- and to know exactly what you're getting!

WayFinder Packages - Culture Change Consulting

NB. All prices displayed are exclusive of VAT. Prices for WayFinder Essential, Enhanced, and Advanced are starting prices only and are dependant on your business size and needs.

*Size and scope of support required may impact cost.

What our clients say...

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Elle Moss

CEO & Founder, Drew London

I found the whole WayFinder process invigorating, and have been able to see real value in carrying out the exercise, as the findings delivered multiple strategies around how to grow my business. I would highly recommend the Wayfinder approach to busy business owners. Thank you Vic & team!

Steven Pink



Working with Proud Consulting, we have been looking at how well we lead our organisation. The experience has been great and the outputs valuable, as Victoria and team provided a great forum for us to be really honest about where we are, the feedback we have for each other and what our functional strategies should be. We are working hard in our journey to business excellence and Proud Consulting will continue to be an important element in our mix.

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