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Change Management Consulting

Are you confident in managing change?

In the current turbulent times of ambiguity, change is perhaps the only thing we can expect with absolute certainty. Therefore, in order to survive and maintain a competitive advantage, businesses must remain resilient and adaptable in the face of change. 


Drawing on our many years of change management experience, supporting both businesses and individuals, we can help you successfully understand and apply best practice change management. 

Our Change Management Framework 

Change Management

Our Change Management Framework underpins how we at Proud Consulting approach business change. We apply it when supporting businesses with change and transformation, as well as within our change training programme. 


It makes change easy by breaking it down into the 4 essential elements of best practice change management:


Create the Vision

Build a compelling and inspiring vision of the future, to which leaders are committed, and define a clear strategy and path for achieving it.


Assess the Impact

Create the foundations for positively engaging impacted populations and drive readiness for change through a true understanding of the current state.


Transform Behaviour

Implement the new reality for employees, and deliver a programme of learning and support that embeds commitment to new ways of working.


Sustain Performance

Measure progress, celebrate and build on successes, and look beyond immediate horizons to sustain future performance.

Change Management Training Programme

Our online course, accessible from anywhere at anytime, covers everything you need to know about best practice change management and how to apply it.  

Change Management Consulting Support

Our consulting support and advice will be tailored to the unique change needs of your business.

Our Change Management services include:

Watch our Change Management Top Tips Series here:

bite-size clips on best practice change management advice

Not sure what you need for your business?

If you have 5 minutes to spare, we have a quick-fire, 10 question "Ready For Change" survey to help you determine your next steps. 


What our clients say...

Global Insurance plc

International Communications Director

Victoria is a fantastic project partner when it comes to cultural transformation and communications. She offers both a strategic yet very tangible approach to complex situations. Her insightful and inclusive mindset make her very effective and engaging to work with.

David Brierley

Director & Owner


Proud Consulting supported us with business-critical people decisions, helping us to figure out the optimal people structure for our operations. Victoria personally assisted me with articulating what high performance needs to look like within our team, which is of extreme value when we are looking to provide the absolute best in patient care. I would highly recommend Victoria and team.