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Your business is growing, but do you have an effective people strategy to support your staff?

If your organisation is growing, with a repeatable and scalable business model, the team you started with will be developing into the workforce you need for growth.

Through our work with business owners, we’ve identified a tipping-point in this growth process: once your workforce grows beyond 10+ people, you’ll need to go beyond 'HR foundations' and invest in strategic solutions to ensure your people are truly enabling your business strategy.  

You need a people strategy which helps you deliver your business strategy

When you can determine what your business goals require from an employee perspective, you need to make sure you have people solutions that align with this. This is where strategic HR comes in, helping you recruit, manage, and develop people in a way that achieves your strategic goals. 

The secrets of strategic HR at Proud Consulting.

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An effective people strategy will help to drive real value across these critical areas for all business owners... 

Communications & Connection
  • Communicating a compelling purpose and vision ​ ​


  • Maintaining engagement through effective communication channels ​ ​


  • Creating and sustaining a sense of community

Capability Growth
  • Attracting and retaining the right talent through a robust employee value proposition

  • Formalising a performance management approach that aligns with your culture

  • Growing capability organically through career development practices

  • Sustaining the characteristics and values at the core of your business AND enabling new ways of working to develop


  • Understanding, protecting and nurturing your culture


  • Hiring for the right 'culture-fit'

Courageous Leadership
  • Becoming the leader you need to be as the business grows: self-awareness is your most important asset


  • Creating space to 'lead'- learning how to delegate and develop the capability you need at your side ​ ​


  • Laying the foundations for others to grow- creating an ethos of leadership at all levels

Don't wait for your workforce numbers to creep up on you.


Making an early investment in the right people strategy for your business will help you achieve your growth aspirations. Call us today to discover how.

What our clients say...

David Brierley

Director & Owner


Proud Consulting supported us with business-critical people decisions, helping us to figure out the optimal people structure for our operations. Victoria personally assisted me with articulating what high performance needs to look like within our team, which is of extreme value when we are looking to provide the absolute best in patient care. I would highly recommend Victoria and team.

Charles Isaac



Proud Consulting helped us at a time when we were experiencing rapid growth and our HR capability required strategic support in order to enable us to retain and attract the talent we needed . We found them to be true professionals in both the quality of their work as well as the way they developed trust with our Executive. I would highly recommend Victoria and team to any SME on their growth journey.