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Action for Children.

Action for Children are a leading children’s charity supporting and protecting vulnerable children in the UK.

Action for Children were looking for help with...

The development of a new behaviours framework to align with the company’s new values, and to improve the culture of the organisation through embedding behaviours into the fabric of the charity.


So we...

Supported the HR team with the articulation of new behavioural statements through providing guidance and challenge during their programme of workshops across the business, in which employees were asked to share their views and experiences. With a vast employee population to cover, we supported HR with managing the input from employees, demonstrating that views had been considered and taken into account, whilst assisting them with creating behaviours that truly reflected the ethos of the charity. We also advised on the programme of activity required to embed the behaviours fully, helping employees understand, believe in and commit to the behaviours in their day-to-day activity.

Together we achieved:

  • A clear and positive set of behaviour statements which became the bedrock of culture for the charity, providing a clearer sense of direction for the future

  • A new sense of cohesion and collective strength across the organisation as a result of the behaviours

  • Improved manager capability with developing performance within their teams based on the new behavioural standards

  • A strong foundation from which core HR activity could now be re-shaped in order to align to the behaviours, leading to better employee experiences of HR process


Key deliverables:

  • New behaviour statements for roll-out across the organisation

  • Guidance and support with workshop delivery

  • Guidance and support with roll-out and implementation planning


"Proud Consulting supported the development of our behaviours framework and statements, providing insightful guidance to and critical evaluation of our project’s work. Vic’s experience, expertise and passion in this field were invaluable in ensuring that we produced a set of behaviours statements which addressed the culture of our organisation and in developing a programme to embed the behaviours into the fabric of our Charity. I would strongly recommend Proud Consulting. "

- Michael Knight, Chief People Officer
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